Count Scotchula

Count Scotchula began hosting at the age of 9 at D’Ippoloito Elementary School.

At the tender age of 15 he fell in with a bunch of gypsy’s named the Transducer Players, a Rocky Horror troupe that would form much of his degeneracy. Then onto a band named Deathray, then drag, then film festivals, then Fringe festivals, and yadda yadda.

These days he is far too proud to ever stop saying that he is the senior member of the Peekaboo.

When not hosting all over the world, he can be found making comedy shorts under the nameĀ of Evilolive 3000 Studios (featured on G4). He serves on the bridge of Philly’s only Star Trek tribute band – the Roddenberries. As an artist his work can be seen all over the new Silk City in Philly. But he has 6 major label album covers under his belt, and can be found drinking, at his own free weekly open-screening series ‘Fancypants Cinema’ on Tuesdays.

Currently he is finishing up his “pilot” feature film for a series called The Twilite Gallery – a riff on Rod Serling’s Night Gallery.