Joey Martini

Joe Martin a.k.a. Joey Martini (Peek-A-Boo Revue’s Director of Marketing – Emcee Extraordinaire – Ensemble chorus)

Joey hails from Collingswood, N.J. and has had the thrill and honor to be working with such a fine group of artists/friends since he joined the troupe in early 1999 to pursue another world outside of The Rocky Horror Picture Show where he also strutted his stuff in for over 12 years. With a handful of live theatre shows under his belt (mostly community theatre), Joey jumped at the chance for a more risqué challenge and to exercise his visionary artistic muscle. Here at The Peek-A-Boo Revue Joey had produced many of the classic numbers. He says: “The Peek-a-Boo Revue never feels like a job, more of a calling. It is such a thrill to see your ideas come to life on stage! I am in love with each and every one in the troupe. They are the brothers and sisters I never had. We are all there supporting each other, no matter how silly some of our ideas are. There is a unique chemistry between us all, and you can’t fake that.”