Strip Tease Orchestra

Formed to back-up Philadelphia’s international award winning Neo-Burlesque troupe The Peek-A-Boo Revue, the Striptease Orchestra has taken on a life of its own and in 2013 started to perform outside the context of the official Peek-A-Boo shows.

It is the mission of The Striptease Orchestra to not only celebrate the musical tradition of burlesque music along its long evolution by performing music from 20’s jazz on through the lounge of the 50’s, Go-Go and Rockabilly of the 60’s and 70’s but also to continue this tradition today by creating original and relevant music for today’s burlesque performers.

What does modern burlesque sound like? It’s the 21st century. It can be anything! It can be built upon the more traditional genres or it can enter uncharted territory. All the while, its purpose is to serve as a positive celebration of beauty and desire with copious amounts of humor, sincerity and satire.